CAD for Hobbyists: Bottle Opener Sample Project

Bottle Opener
Rendering of Bottle Opener

In this CAD for Hobbyists series I am going to be comparing four CAD packages that are available for hobbyists: Creo Elements,  Fusion 360, Onshape, and OpenSCAD.  In order to compare these four packages I am going to use an example project where I create the same simple CAD model in each.

A few years ago I wanted to design a simple bottle opener that would be relatively easy to manufacture while having an industrial aesthetic.  I went through a few design iterations before finding something that functioned well at opening bottles.

Bottle Opener Evolution
Bottle Opener Evolution

As such, I have a design I have spent a lot of time thinking about and I think it will be a good part to evaluate some of the basic features offered by the packages I am going to be reviewing.

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